Our Story

Our Mission.

Why does Flipside exist?

Businesses always existed to help people, up until a few hundred years ago
when industrialists tried to create people for their businesses.

Many business still wonder, “How can I get more people to buy my stuff?”

That’s where we’re different. We completely turn that around and look at the Flipside.
What would the world look like if we valued people more than sales?

Flipside Print is about you – helping you to connect with your customers and build trust and achieve success.
Since you’re unique, we craft unique printing just for you.

Our Mindsets


You are unique and your customers are unique.

We print for business owners  who want to connect with their people.  Not with mass junk mail. But targeted printing designed to help build connection.


We value honesty and reliability.
We strive to meet this with our employees, customers and suppliers, and in all of our relationships and communication.


We are created to learn and grow as individuals.

Embracing change helps us to grow and our minds expand. Not fearing failure but striving for improvement in all we do.


In today’s fast paced world we understand that business require great speed.

We aim to respond quickly and delivery fast. Tell us what you need and we’ll see if we can do it



All communication reflects on your business.

Therefore we want to give you the best quality to impress and help build that trust with your customers.


This world can be a tough place to survive, and we can only do it with the help of others. We have a strong attitude of sharing, encouraging and helping people we interact with.

Our Team.

Steve Phillips

The Print Master

Tim Phillips

Brand Strategist

Talk to us. We like listening.

Flipside Print

1/1257 North East Road
Ridgehaven SA 5097

(08) 8395 7476